By Erica Schwartz

Halloween is that one night a year you can enjoy yourself and just eat a lot of candy. No, really./PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

You know how you’re usually capable of passing up that breadbasket at the Italian restaurant? Or how you’ve finally been able to find control and not pig out at sleepovers with your best friends?

Well, Halloween is the exception. Eating at least one piece of candy or chocolate is crucial to keep you from going completely insane. Even the healthiest of people look forward to saying “trick-or-treat” to random strangers at their doorstep with the hopes of receiving a delicious treat in return.

Halloween is the perfect excuse for children to indulge. I know that, in my family, it’s a huge deal for us to watch Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” every year and then trick-or-treat our butts off until we get the right size of our favorite Hershey’s and Three Musketeers. Well, college hasn’t changed the tradition too much. Last Thursday was a memorable fiasco.

Here it goes:

  • Three bite-sized chocolate donuts
  • Three Oreos
  • One large bag of M&Ms
  • Two Sour Patch Kids
  • One Tootsie Roll
  • Three slices of Domino’s pizza
  • One Hershey’s bar
  • Two Three Musketeers
  • One Banana-flavored Laffy Taffy

That’s my sad-but-true confession as to what I, by myself, ate on Halloween night.

And because I don’t usually eat unhealthy, it’s actually okay for this to happen every year, because I really am only human. But after a Halloween night, it’s important to get back into routine.

It’s safe to say that if you usually eat healthy and you overdid your limits on Thursday, then on Friday and even a couple days following Friday, you felt really disgusting and maybe even nauseous.

To get back into routine, you don’t need to reduce your regular calorie intake! You just have to go back to maintaining the same amount of fat, sugar, carbohydrates and calories that you were eating before the night of your self-destruction.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t weigh yourself the week after, either. It’ll kill any motivation you have for eating healthy, because it will state that you already gained around seven pounds. Don’t worry, it’s a load of baloney! Stepping on the scale will only scare you so wait an extra week until water retention diminishes.

Finally, you can challenge yourself! Try not to have any more binge nights until the next excuse of a Holiday (i.e., Thanksgiving — that’ll be a whole other story). Since Thanksgiving is almost exactly a month after Halloween, it’s a perfect way for resetting your goals and staying intact until then.

For now, try to pull yourself together and stop feeling guilty for the crime you committed last week. Time to move on and be a more successfully healthy person this week and the weeks to come!