By Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Staff Writer

Fitz and the Tantrums may be called retro, but for saxophonist and co-collaborator James King, there’s more to it than that.

“You have to draw from something, but to the extent that people feel that it’s touching them now and it’s applicable to their daily listening, I think that you can be retro and current at the same time,” he said in a phone interview with the Daily Free Press.

King is on tour again, a state that’s become all-too familiar after the three-year period of tours between the band’s first album, “Picking Up the Pieces”and their most current album, “More than Just a Dream.” The tour for the new album began earlier this month, and they return to Boston Monday night to play House of Blues with Capital Cities for their “Bright Futures” tour.

“To show up in Boston and have people know who were are and sing along with our songs… It’s all really humbling,” King said.

The band will mainly feature songs from their newest album, which fuses the repurposed ‘60s soul vibe of “Picking Up the Pieces” with ‘80s synth pop and modern indie dance music. While writing “More than Just a Dream,” all of the members of the band exchanged iPods and talked about a new sound for a new album – and the change is drastic.

While just as catchy as “Picking Up the Pieces,” “More than Just a Dream” is designed for the live audience, as lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick verified in an interview with the Charleston City Paper. Still in the early days of the tour, it’s hard to say how this ideal will play out, but the reputation the band has for an energetic live show suggests a fun evening at House of Blues tonight.

Tickets were still available at the time this article was published. Check out the band’s latest music video, “The Walker,” before the show tonight below: