By Erica Schwartz

Better this than nothing at all./PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

Better this than nothing at all./PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

Occasionally, we are put into unpleasant situations wherein following our regularly, healthy routines becomes slightly more complicated. Here, I answer some some common scenarios to get you back on track.

Q. Which is better? To skip breakfast or eat an unhealthy one, when there’s nothing else?

A. Eat an unhealthy one. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it is essential for boosting your metabolism. I never skip breakfast, no matter how late I wake up.

My rule is to eat a little something every two to three hours, so skipping breakfast is a big no-no. If put into this situation, eat a smaller breakfast of a little bit unhealthier foods and just tone down the grams of fat and sugar later that day. And don’t worry, tomorrow a better breakfast awaits! 

Q. To work out or heal first while sick?

A. Depends. There’s a rule I follow: if you’re sick with a cold, or anything sinus and/or throat-related, go for it. But take a rain check if anything more pressing. When throat-related or sinus-related, working out can actually help energize you back to health. The flu has been invading BU campus the last couple of weeks and, I for one can vouch that kickboxing worked magic on me.

Though please understand that, if you feel like you’re on your deathbed, puking up piles of blood or feeling very dizzy with a fever or something extreme then definitely skip the gym and get yourself to a doctor.

Q. To weigh-in or give it a week after binge eating the night before?

A. Give it a week. We are only human! Every once in a while and unexpectedly, it’ll be hard to pass up on that double burger topped with queso, onions, bacon and jalapeños (sadly, this is an actual dish at Pluckers restaurant).

As long as it is ONLY every once in awhile, you’ll survive, I promise. Just remember not step on the scale that week. Wait until the following week to weigh-in.

Binge eating, especially binge eating on foods high in carbohydrates, causes your body to have extra water retention, making it look like you’re an extra three to seven pounds or so for the next couple of days. Fortunately, as long as you only overeat one day that week and then bounce back into routine immediately following, it’s safe to say that you won’t have to go up a pants size quite yet. It takes a person eating 3,500 extra calories in one day to gain a pound so quickly, so cool your jets.

We all go through tough situations where the right answers seem a little harder to come by. Just remember, it’s one day. As long as these occasional situations don’t turn into everyday situations then you’re fine. Note that the fact that you are even worrying about these situations is already one step ahead of those people who don’t even have the motivation to respect and love their bodies and self.

So keep working at it and I’ll continue to answer more of these common scenarios in the future!