By Shivani Patel, Staff Writer

Terriers, registration period is coming./PHOTO VIA WIkimedia Commons

In about a month or so, something important is happening.

That, my friends, would be registration.

I’m sure you all remember the excitement and disappointment of searching through all the classes, trying to find the right times and professors only to have all the spots taken by the time you registered. I feel your pain (fifth session orientation problems).

Here’s to hoping luck is on our side and that we don’t get 8 a.m. classes.

If you haven’t already seen it, there is a registration date and time based on the last number of your student I.D. Pro tip: have it memorized because you need it for so many forms (i.e. tests) and it is a pain to have to get your I.D. out every time.

I suppose someone out there really didn’t want me to get a good schedule, because I have the last time on the last day. Hopefully, you all get a better time!

As with before, don’t forget to plan your schedule beforehand so that you don’t waste precious minutes looking for classes right before your slot opens up.

As a reminder, freshmen get to start registering on Sunday, November 17!

Now, as freshmen, we usually get a bit of leeway when it comes to choosing classes. All you need is to complete credits for certain subjects; the choice in class is completely up to you. I talked to a few upperclassmen about what they would suggest, so here are a few classes you might consider taking:

1. Intro to Ethics – CAS PH 150 (4 credits)

If you need credits for philosophy, here’s a suggestion. Everyday, we perform actions that require a certain amount of thought behind them. This class deals with the morality behind those thoughts. For anyone wanting a more thought-provoking class, this will be it.

2. General Psychology – CAS PS101 (4 credits)

This is a good class to get credit for science and learn a bit more about the way humans work. It is useful for any major – be that journalism or business. Since it is general psychology, the work isn’t too intensive so you’ll get to focus more on the content than stress about the exams. This class usually has a discussion section, so plan accordingly. Many recommend taking the class with Caine, who is “very straightforward and explains concepts very clearly,” according to Kush Desai, a sophomore in CAS.

3. Magic, Science, and Religion – CAS RN 242 (4 credits)

This class usually seems to be a favorite among the students at BU. Like Intro to Ethics, this is an interesting class that makes you think outside of the box. Although magic, science and religion seem like three incredibly different topics, this class might just show you that they do have quite a few intersections and similarities.

4. Film Industry – COM FT304 (4 credits)

If you can manage to get approval for this class, go ahead and take it. If you’re iffy about the reliability of Film & TV major, this might help ease your mind. It marries both business and film into one class – the business behind the film industry. You get to learn about the inner workings about the industry, while still keeping to film.

If you have any other suggestions, comment below. I hope these have been helpful in your class hunting.

May the odds be ever in your favor.