By Max Cohen, Staff Writer

Making phone calls from one of these isn’t such a far-fetched idea./PHOTO VIA Digital Trends

Stoking the nostalgia of the middle-aged masses everywhere, Samsung has impressed with its recent Galaxy Gear advertisements. The commercial focuses on the product’s inherent nostalgia, cycling through the smart-watch’s uses in variety of classic TV shows and movies. The seemingly unattainable device of tomorrow’s world is finally here.

In honor of these ads, here are some “exciting” technologies that sound like they are straight from a sci-fi movie.

Galaxy Gear: The Galaxy Gear is the most publicized smart watch yet. While it isn’t completely ground-breaking, it does tell time (it’s a watch), show notifications and pick up calls. The tiny screen limits the app content, but it does contain a collection of shortcuts which makes it unnecessary to retrieve your phone or tablet to do things that in the distant past would require you to retrieve them.

However, it requires a Bluetooth connected phone/tablet and it costs almost as much at a pricey $300. It currently only works with Samsung products (the S4, Note 3, etc.), so that’s good news for the 38 Samsung zealots out there. The advertisements are worth watching though: “Evolution” and “A Long Time Coming.”

Oculus Rift: This head-enveloping device (exactly what you picture) has been garnering rave reviews from developers and critics who proclaim it as the first true virtual reality experience. Originally a Kickstarter project, developers Oculus VR exceeded their $2 million goal by more than $14 million.

The Oculus Rift streams PC video content into two internal screens that mesh together binocularly. The video moves with your head, thereby allowing real movement in the virtual world. The Rift is still in development though, and has just started being demo-ed to the public. But in 10 years we could have fully-immersive virtual reality, though you may have to take the blue pill for full effect.

TALOS: This is my favorite. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit is a full body armor, developed by the U.S. government, that deflects bullets, has an on-board computer and carries advanced weaponry. Yeah.

The suit is made of a liquid material that turns solid when an electrical/magnetic current is applied, thereby allowing a soldier to flip a switch and become immune to gunfire. As a bonus, it comes equipped with life support and body monitoring systems. Kids, the government has actually invented an Iron Man suit. I think, maybe, it’s time for me to enlist.