By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

BU is a mecca for all kinds of people./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

Walking across campus, you tend to run into some interesting people. Boston University is a diverse place, and that makes itself apparent when you come across students from Shanghai, Wichita and Athens all within a 10-foot-radius. So, in this melting pot of culture, it can be a shock when you come across…Adidas Slides.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with Adidas Slides, but I’m definitely not saying that there’s anything right with them.

Like most things, the Slides have their place in our world: namely the shower, if you live communally.

For my freshman peeps, it can be rough trying to avoid contracting rare toe fungi. Not fun…gi (pun).

But BU is, at its core, an academic institution, and sadly some people don’t take that seriously when they’re going to class. Walking back from a discussion a few days ago, I spotted someone wearing basketball shorts, a sweater, tall white socks and leather loafers. Where was this person going? Is there any suitable location for this outfit?

Even though it might seem like a hassle to get dressed (rough, I know) for class, you really should. Why? Because dressing in real clothes means that you’re serious about learning. When you roll up to an 8 a.m. in sweatpants and a sweatshirt ready to get back into bed, that affects how willing you are to work.

So because I’m nice and I care, here’s a quick list of what’s appropriate for class!

Appropriate For: Class

1). When in doubt, belt it: Maybe it’s just me, but putting on a belt means that I’m wearing real pants. And real pants means that I have to be seen. If your pants don’t have a belt, they might be track bottoms. And if they’re track bottoms, you need to look at your life.

2). Match: This isn’t a fashion potluck, where you wear something from every walk of clothing. Take our loafer-wearing friend; if he had swapped the leather for a pair of sneakers, his outfit would’ve been cohesive, albeit a little lame. Don’t just throw on whatever you find around your room.

3). Groom yourself: If you look like Kip Dynamite when you don’t shave or homeless when you don’t comb your hair, then you need to step up before someone else (me) takes drastic action. I have nothing against facial hair, but it needs to be kept in check. And run a brush through your hair once in a while. We’re adults. Be classy.

So there you have it! Three tips to make yourself all apro-pro for class!

May the Fashion Be With You!