By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Nothing beats classic./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

Shoes are the foundation of any outfit. And if we’re going by my shoe collection, my outfit is built on a foundation of sand and Jell-O. I’m not saying my harem of shoes is dismal, but it could definitely stand to be improved upon. I think one reason I hardly ever buy shoes is that it is such a major purchase and I don’t do well with bigger decisions. Just ask anyone who is out to dinner with me.

But let’s call a spade a spade: Shoes are more expensive than your average article of clothing. And, after all, shoes tend to get more wear and tear than your sweater, unless you’re doing weird things with that sweater.

So if one day I hit the jackpot/pull a bank job (which one do you is more likely?) and I decide to spend some of my millions on shoes, here are the shoes I’d currently go for:

Shoes I Heart:

1. Clarks Desert Boots: Okay, so I already have a pair of Clarks Desert Boots, but I have the “Sandy”-colored ones. I have my heart set on the brown suede, a chocolate-y dream that would do wonders for my autumnal outfits. Dark brown suede, dark jeans and a cozy striped sweater: could anything be better than that?

Price: $120

Years of My Life That I’d Be Willing To Give Up: 1.5

2. TOMS: These are adorable and need to be in my life. I bought my first pair of TOMS over the summer, and fell in love. I went for the safer black color, but I want to own a pair of red slip-ons before the end of this year. They’re so light and comfortable; I feel like I’m walking on a cloud that a child in Africa is also walking on. Side note: make sure you wear socks with TOMS, because if you don’t, they will smell and you will be embarrassed.

Price: $48

Years of My Life That I’d Be Willing to Give Up: .6

3. Sperry Top-Siders: The only pair of shoes I have never owned; and I want to so badly. I want to go for the Original in either light blue or faded green, but they’re expensive enough to give me pause. I used to hate Sperry Top-Siders because I thought they were very “Dad”-ish, but they’ve grown on me, like fungus on the walls of Lascaux Caves (too soon?).

Price: $70

Years of My Life That I’d Be Willing to Give Up: 2

So there you have it, a peek into my deepest shoe desires. This also goes for anyone who wants to buy me a present: Let’s hold off on the gift-cards, and look to the aforementioned items for reference. Thanks!

May the Fashion Be With You!