By Devon Delfino, Staff Writer

If you’re trying to make it down the aisle, best not forget to book a venue./PHOTO VIA Wikimedia Commons

A wedding is a complex affair, from the flowers to the dress, the music to the cake, there are a million little details that require the attention of the happy couple or, more likely, the bride. And maybe for good reason.

In fact, in an article by Time, it may have proved a bit too complex for one British groom who decided that calling in a fake bomb threat was better than facing the repercussions of his fiancé finding out that he forgot to book the venue for the ceremony, as Neil McArdle admitted to in a UK court early this month.

As far as weddings go, booking the venue is pretty essential to the process. I just find it hilarious that it took him till the wedding day to realize his mistake.

The closest I can come to imagining the stress of a wedding is watching one of those shows like “Bridezillas” or “Say Yes to the Dress”; or movies like “Bride Wars” or my personal favorite, “Monster In Law”. From what I can tell, an angry bride is a force to be reckoned with.

But calling in a bomb threat? Really? Clearly not the best way to handle the situation, and definitely not a good way to sooth the nerves of a bride on her wedding day.

McArdle did call back later and admit the hoax, but not in time to avoid the total evacuation of the entire building.

Needless to say, a bomb threat is probably not the best way to start a marriage and I wouldn’t be surprised if the reschedule were a long, long way off.