By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

Classic Converse with a light blue twist./PHOTO VIA Danny McCarthy

This week on Fashion Padawan, Danny hit the streets! No, I’m not homeless. But I did make several awkward attempts to ask Boston University girls what they would want their boyfriends, brothers and male friends to wear.

So, if you’re a human male and want to impress the fairer sex, you should totally continue reading.

The Top Ten:

  1. Chinos
  2. Leather jackets
  3. Sperry’s Top-siders
  4. Big-frame glasses (real, not fake)
  5. Band t-shirts
  6. Short sleeve button-downs
  7. Classic Converse
  8. Cardigans
  9. Flannels
  10. Oxford shoes

Interestingly enough, the answers weren’t as expensive or outrageous as I thought they would be. Personality appeared to be a big factor in what the “boyfriend” should dress. A few mentioned a specific style and then suggested what would work for that style: skater, hipster, etc. Some girls inquired for the situation.

If your personal style is more prep, some girls suggested Vineyard Vines. If you’re more eccentric, try Urban Outfitters.

The items on the list seems pretty ubiquitous in every store, so what makes them what girls favor most on a guy? One recurring theme was this notion of confidence. I chatted with a few girls who said that they wouldn’t care what a guy was wearing as long as he was confident in it.

But if confidence isn’t your natural inclination, the ladies of Boston University also offered me the following advice:

  1. Dress for your personality: If you’re a skater guy, don’t worry about dressing in the preppy style. Vineyard Vines probably isn’t your fave, but feel free to play around with Vans clothing.
  2. Make sure everything fits: No baggy jeans, please. Jump out of your comfort zone with straight-leg and slim-fit.
  3. Dress cohesively: Make sure everything goes together. A really expensive pair of leather shoes will look ridiculous with a pair of sweatpants, but if you swap the sweat for a nice chino, I’m sure you’d look fantastic.

So, if you want to impress that cutie in your Psych discussion, or go crazy over the barista in Starbucks, feel free to follow these tips!

May the Fashion Be With You!