By Erica Schwartz

Think these are healthy? Think again./PHOTO VIA Erica Schwartz

There are a copious amount of foods that are widely known to be “healthy.” Advertising companies and even our own mothers have manipulated us as to what we believe are the foods to eat and what we believe are the foods to avoid.

From “it’s good for your skin” to “it’s okay…you’re on a diet” to “stop! it gives you acne,” it’s bogus! Everyone has an opinion for everything and usually it’s not ever good advice. But don’t worry; I’m here to address even your smallest qualms. Here are three of the many deceivingly unhealthy foods that you are officially being warned to cut back on:

1. FRUITS: Calm yourself, fruits are not exactly bad for you, but you know how everyone always says, “you can eat as much fruit as you want?” Well, before my transformation, I would eat tons of fruit every day. I thought it was okay to binge on, but, in fact, fruits have a huge load of sugar in them. So when I started sticking to only one fruit per day, the weight started coming off faster than a Kardashian before her wedding.

For my own personal weight loss, I have been limiting myself to 30 grams of sugar per day. Just for your reference:

  • One mango has 32 grams of sugar (already over the limit)
  • One banana has 17 grams of sugar (more than half the limit)

Enough said!  So next time you go for the fruit salad, ponder this realization…vegetables really are better for you.

2. PROTEIN BARS: Two words: Empty. Calories. Yes, I know, many taste like heaven, but they are not heavenly for your body. I personally limit to only 1200 calories and 120 grams of carbs per day.

  • Clif bars have 240 calories, 44 grams of carbs and 22 grams of sugar

3. SALADS: The way salads are prepared in restaurants is repulsive; thinking about their dressings is one of the two things that keeps me up at night (the second thing is the Ryan Gosling poster I keep over my bed). Why?

  • It is all processed
  • It is full of sodium

I have been limiting myself to 30 grams of fat per day. And by eating salads at restaurants WITH the dressing, sticking to that limit would’ve been impossible. Speaking of dressing:

  • Caesar dressing has 40 grams of fat (already over the limit)
  • Ranch dressing has 23 grams of fat

Unfortunately, the list drags on…and if these aren’t already surprising enough, just wait for my future blogs where I’ll cover some more. And trust me, the information will make your jaw drop!