By Max Cohen, Staff Writer

So, essentially the same thing?/PHOTO VIA Max Cohen

Apple Computers is the second most profitable company in the world. They have continued to revolutionize technology for 20 plus years. Why then, do I believe that Apple is going to plummet within 10 years?

Apple stopped pioneering. The worst thing a technology company can do is become complacent. Look at Linux. In this day and age, it’d be easier to find someone with polio than someone using Linux.

But Apple hasn’t always been this way. The iPhone was the most important invention of its decade; the iPad basically created its own market. But recently, Apple has slowed. The IPad mini is a shameless money-maker and the IPhone 5S (don’t make me start on the 5C) really only updated the camera and the graphics. However, Apple’s cardinal sin, the point of no return, is iOS7.

iOS7 radically redesigns the iPhone’s interface. Rather than Apple’s trademark, the sleek sophistication, iOS7 introduces a cartoonish (almost Windows-y) style. But that isn’t the real problem with iOS7. The problem is that for this gargantuan undertaking, one would think that Apple engineers wouldn’t simply copy the features of its competitor: Androids. Many of the new features can be traced disturbingly to an direct Android influence. The new lock-screen (with a movable picture and no unlock bar) is an Android clone. The “new” Control Center is a shameless re-hash of Android’s notification bar (it swipes up instead of down). Other changes, like redesigned text messages and calendars, while not petty theft, are just slightly re-vamped versions of old Apple software.

The point is, that though it appears Apple wanted to reinvent the IPhone with iOS7, they merely played catch-up to the more inventive Android marketplace. For Apple to thrive indefinitely, they need to resume innovating, like when Steve Jobs was in charge. I’d hate to say that Apple’s pioneering spirit died with Jobs, but I fear that may be the case. If Apple relies on making “Mini” versions of their products and simply heightening graphics with new product iterations, they are going to be surpassed by the creativity of Google and Samsung. That said, they shouldn’t totally reinvent the wheel. Then they may end up with something like *shudders* Windows 8.