By Steph Solis, Staff Writer

Healthworks Fitness Center kicked off its self-defense training workshops last week, which are available through to Oct. 24.

The gym organized a series of free workshops after the brutal murder of South Boston resident, Amy Lord, shook the city. Lord was on her way to a Healthworks to workout the morning she was abducted and was subsequently killed.

“We continue to be deeply troubled by the horrific murder of valued Healthworks member Amy Lord on July 23rd and by other recent acts of violence against women in the greater Boston area,” Healthworks’ website states. “As one of the largest communities of women in the city, we believe it is our duty to empower women by providing training and resources to learn how to protect against violence.”

The program includes 19 free self-defense training sessions, most of them in the evenings, open to all women in the area. The curriculum involves 90-minute training sessions that were organized in partnership with Boston Centers for Youth & Families, the Boston Police Department, the Brookline Police Department and IMPACT.

Many of the sessions have filled up, but there’s still time to sign up and join a workshop. Most of the workshops in the Back Bay and Fenway area are full, but there is a chance slots could open up. For now, look through the current availabilities.

Other self-defense opportunities

  • Women’s Self Defense Boston holds free self-defense classes as part of their SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System). SEPS training involves martial arts that deal with violent assaults of both armed and unarmed nature, as well as situations with multiple assailants. The classes are offered every Saturday at 10 a.m. at 200 Terminal St. in Charlestown. Women’s Self Defense Boston also has online resources.
  • The Boston Martial Arts Center in Allston offers a free introductory self-defense course, as part of a six-month beginner martial arts program. Fill out the registration form, available online and they will save you a spot.