By Clemence Pluche, Staff Writer


Flashback to the early 90s where hip hop artists as Dr. Dre and Tupac stand there wearing oversized clothes and flaunt their go-to cranial accessory: the snapback. Now flash forward to the present, where members of the underground hip hop clan OFWGKTA (led by Tyler, The Creator) stand there with their recycled accessory: the snapback. They are among many urban artists nowadays who are bringing back the trend.

The return of the snapback has been steadily boycotting the fitted baseball caps of the early 2000s since about 2010. It made its first explicit appearance in Tyga and Chris Brown’s “Snapback Back” in 2011, which interestingly enough is a remix of a Tupac song. So, the subculture is bringing back this trend, and it has taken well to many many other subcultures.  It is a favorite of the swagged-out bro, the ironic hipster, the angsty teen, the festival-goer and even the young high-class designer. A cheaper option to the fitted baseball cap, the snapback is really just a stylish option. It’s just that cool.

Although the snapback is a stand-alone accessory, there are many ways to wear it. For the male population, the most common look is a pair of black jeans (skinny, regular – even flared works if that’s your thing) and a graphic T-shirt. It’s pretty basic, but you get the point. For the females out there, the snapback gets a little trickier to wear. You just have to know what you are going for.

Step one: Look at yourself in the mirror (and tell yourself you are beautiful a couple times because I bet you are).

Step two: Ask yourself what look you are going for (you can choose from hipster, high-fashion, grunge or urban street style).

Step three: Proceed to dress yourself. If you chose the hipster style, go for skinny jeans or high waisted cut-offs with some ironic T-shirt or just a plain white one. Wear leopard print platform sneakers if that’s your thing. If you choose grunge, wear lots of black. LOTS of black. Maybe even add a little color with the snapback or a nice flannel, or hey, stick with black, I can’t tell you what to do. And if you choose urban street style, just wear what you like, but please try to refrain from looking like Miley Cyrus. Unless that’s your thing too.

Where to get them? Depending on your price range, here are a couple brands you could get.

For $20-$40: Try HUF, RVCA, Benny Gold, Jiberish, Urban Outfitters, OBEY

For $40-$60: Try Boy London, Club 75, Supreme, BBC

For $60 and onward: Try Stampd LA, Mark McNairy, Braggadocios, and Pigalle.