By Sanah Faroke, Staff Writer

Whether you identify with logical or creative has nothing to do with which side the brain uses more./PHOTO VIA Flickr user jamestkj

I’ve always thought of myself as a right-brain thinker. I’ve even taken one of those online left-brain versus right-brain tests just for fun. The right side of the brain is more attune to color, expressions, music and just being creative (which in my opinion, is just more fun than the left side of the brain). The left side is more about numbers, reasoning and logic – no wonder I’m terrible at math and can make unreasonable choices!

A new study conducted by Jeff Anderson and Jared Nielsen, however, opposes the right brain, left brain theory. Most people believe they are more left or right brained based on their personality. However, according to this study, there is no actual evidence of this. I know, big shocker. It’s like being lied to for years about yourself and you didn’t even know it! I need to be more logical, obviously.

Anderson and Nielsen studied lateralization of brain functions for two years and performed 1,011 brain scans on people from seven-years-old to 29-years-old, according to an article

The study suggests that some people are not more or less connected to one side of the brain, as we previously thought. In other words, I, as a “former right-brain” am not actually more connected to the right side of my brain. It could be, according to Nielsen, that personality types do not have anything to do with the different hemispheres of the brain.

We all just thought that since there were opposing personality traits, that we associate it with the brain, which is understandable considering that these certain brain functions do occur in one side of the brain or the other. According to Anderson, brain functions occur in different aspects of the brain, but it’s not determined by having a stronger left or right-sided brain network, he said in a press release. It’s all about the connection. In a press release, Nielsen says, “It may be that personality types have nothing to do with one hemisphere being more active, stronger or more connected”

I guess we all thought we connected with our brains on a much deeper level. I’m not sure how I feel, my brain is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another.