By Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Staff Writer

Welcome to BU, freshman and transfers. Orientation is behind you and you’re almost through your first week of classes; now that you’re (almost) in the swing of things, it’s time to address an age-old issue for college students around the world – avoiding the bubble.

Part of going to a school as centralized and city-oriented as BU is learning how to get off campus and into the real world. Trust me, when you tell people you go to Boston University, people are going to ask you if you’ve been to a Red Sox game or walked the Freedom Trail, and you’re not going to want to say, “No.” Also, frat parties can only entertain you for so long. Don’t worry, we at MUSE have five activities to start your Boston life off with a bang.

1. Hop on the T and wander through the North End.

Hop on the green line and ride it to the end of the road: The Government Center stop plops you in the middle of downtown Boston, a short walk from one of the most iconic areas in Boston. Get a cannoli (whether it’s at the classic Mike’s or the Zimmern favorite Maria’s), inhale the intoxicating smell of Italian food and maybe even visit the historic landmarks hidden between the restaurants and wine shops.

2. Go to Central Square and hipster out.

Central Square in Cambridge, an easy T ride away, is a tiny hipster haven for the culture-cravers out there. Treat yourself to a scoop of the Grape Nut ice cream from Toscanini’s, get some new school year digs at Buy the Pound (in the store Garment District), and see a show at The Middle East.

3. Make yourself a picnic and sprawl out on the common.

Step one: Stick the blanket you’re obviously not using in this heat and stick it in a backpack.

Step two: See what you can sneak out of the dining hall.

Step three: Supplement your loot with some City Co snacks.

Step four: Ride the green line to one of the three stops on The Boston Common and have a quick picnic! The Common is a great spot for Frisbee, people-watching and general relaxation.

4. Dip your toes in the Boston Harbor (before it gets too cold!)

If you go to South Station and walk across Summer Street, you can find a little dock for some primo toe dipping. Yeah, it’s always that cold.

5. Eat some Boston Cream Pie!

Boston Cream Pie is a Beantown classic, and the first (and best) one can be found at Omni Parker House. If you ever walk the Freedom Trail, you go right past this iconic Boston restaurant. Stop in one afternoon and indulge in a timeless comfort food.

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