By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

You know you’re in Terrier Nation when…/PHOTO VIA Brandon Lewis

A year ago, I arrived in Boston with mixed feelings. I was excited to move on with life and start my journey as a college student, but at the same time I was nervous about having to fend for myself. Luckily, I wasn’t alone.

Back then, my major concern was adjusting to dorm life. I wasn’t looking forward to sharing bathrooms with strangers or sharing a cramped room with someone else. But once I unpacked my life into the dorm, it began to feel like home. I think that’s probably the best way to become comfortable with living in a dorm, try to make it feel like your room at home.

It didn’t really take long for me to adjust to being in college. I knew I wanted to get involved with clubs on campus as a way to make friends and delve into my interests. In the fall semester, I joined the blog team for the Daily Free Press and interned for the Berger Shack show at WTBU. I enjoy blogging for the FreeP as a way to write about things I am truly interested in. I interned at WTBU, BU’s student-run radio station, mainly because I wanted to host my own show. The Berger Shack is a talk show in which three sophomores dish out their college experiences. It was pretty cool learning how to manage the radio system and hearing my voice on the sound waves.

The best decision I made –and something I highly suggest to incoming freshmen-was getting an academic advisor. Since I’m a COM student, I obtained one via COM Student Services. She answered all of my burning questions regarding studying abroad, scheduling for the next semester and how to fit a minor in my life.

I would say that my most rewarding freshman year experience was winning the Nachman Award for a profile I wrote on the Panera Cares organization. The final assignment for my COM 201 class was to write a profile on a person/organization of our choice. I chose Panera Cares, a pay-what-you-can café in Boston, as my subject and submitted my work to the Nachman Writing Program. When I found out that I won first prize, I was shocked and ecstatic. I not only received a cash prize but my work was published on the Internet. It felt great to have my work recognized. It was the perfect end to my freshmen year.

All in all, my first year at BU was amazing and I look forward to what sophomore year will bring. Probably harder classes and hopefully more free time!