By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

No place quite like Boston to come back to./PHOTO VIA Maya Devereaux

Boston University, as seen from the Mass. Pike for the first time as an incoming freshman, seemed to be an experience in and of itself. That late August morning, a few days after Hurricane Irene, I sat anxiously in the backseat of my family’s minivan, which was packed to the brim with my extensive wardrobe and other piles of so-called “necessities.” My whole body was tingling, and I could feel sweat on the back of my neck. I was probably listening to the opening of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” as we pulled past Nickerson Field, pretending I was in a movie scene and that this was an earth-shattering moment – don’t judge me. Needless to say though, it was kind of epic.

Fast forward to two years later. I am passing West Campus on the same highway and in the same car, only I am sleeping this time and my dad can actually see out the rear windshield. It may seem extremely cliché to say, but time really does fly. Even as a sophomore, I felt nostalgic every time I’d see the hordes of freshmen file into Morse Auditorium for COM 101. With a new semester (and a new late night cookie joint in the works?), I’d say that I’m excited to see what’s in store.

Although I am jealous that I have friends at other universities who will go to school for just one day this week, I have to say that I always feel a small bit of excitement at the beginning of each semester. Hopefully I’m not alone in saying that going to new classes for the first time is enjoyable, or at least until I read the syllabus and find out I have a paper due in two weeks…

Even then, coming back to school is always some degree exciting whether that feeling lasts a week or even less. I am excited to attend this week’s classes, look for free food at Splash, brag about how little I had to pay for textbooks, and most of all, complain when it gets cold, because right now I am physically roasting in my stuffy room and all I want is for it to be winter.