By Seline Jung, Staff Writer

Strolling by the lanterns on display in Seoul./PHOTO VIA Seline Jung

Being back in Seoul, South Korea – my home – after the past year in Boston has been so many things. It has been simultaneously wonderful, comforting, boring, frustrating and more.

As I write this, I am honestly still in “wind-down mode” from my crazy semester, the worst of which came in the last weeks of April, just as it was for thousands of other Boston residents. Due to this current state of mind – coming down from the rush of the last few weeks of school – I haven’t been able to think about much, even less so about the past school year and what I may be doing in the future.

I personally made a decision to have no internships this summer. I’m basically a hermit lounging around the house all day. I appreciate doing nothing on some days and loathe it on other days. I’m eating all the good food I missed, and my soul feels complete because of it. I’m catching up with old friends I haven’t talked to since high school and spending precious quality time with my family for what may be the last long summer before I graduate and start a career (or at least try to).

Although, since I was nonstop busy all throughout the past nine months with school, work and an internship, I also feel restless and uneasy about doing nothing all day. I feel like I should be doing something or be somewhere else! It’s a reoccurring personal problem: as soon as I land in one country, I want to be back in the country I was in. As a constant wanderer, I can never settle.

But then I quickly realize how lucky I am to be here and how beautiful my home city is. I missed the hustle-bustle and buzz of a big city, something I never felt Boston could give me. I missed the smells, the spice in everything I eat and the familiarity of these streets and neighborhoods.

Once again I am trying to teach myself the same lesson I have been attempting to grasp for the past few years: appreciate and love where you’re at. It doesn’t matter where you aren’t, it only matters where you are.