By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Sometimes the YouTube Challenge isn’t Worth it…

The presence of YouTube has forever influenced our lives, for better or worse. One of the more negative trends it’s spawned is the YouTube challenges. Whether it be swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon, or eating so many crackers in the allotted amount of time, none of these challenges are a good idea. Countless people have made recorded their own attempts at these challenges, and most of the time the only result is comical spectacular. Well, spectacular is the wrong word, because in reality the results are never that funny let alone, funny enough to inspire an infinite amount of copycat videos. There is also the whole health hazard concept that should be regarded, because a lot of these are not at all healthy. So before you stress out your organs and try one of these for five seconds of fame, let’s break this down.

The Cinnamon Challenge:

What is it? Swallowing a tablespoon of Cinnamon in less than one minuet.

Downside? The Boston Globe wrote an article that teens who partook in the challenge have been taken to the emergency room for collapsed lungs and some suffer long-term effects like scarring and lesions in the lungs. Totally worth it to record yourself spewing cinnamon like some kind of Venetian fountain.

The Gallon Challenge:

What is it? Drinking an entire gallon of milk in one hour (anything less than whole is “cheating”

Downside? Well the body is not accustomed to digesting so much milk in one sitting so there can be some rather nasty after effects: vomiting, bloating, and diarrhea according to U.S. News.

Ice and Salt Challenge:

What is it? Putting salt on your skin and then an ice cube on top.

Downside? Besides the pain and burning you’re bound to feel, the same U.S. News article pointed out that some have received frost bite, and 1st to 2nd degree burns. That’s real cute.

There are hundreds of challenges out there if you want to waste a couple minutes of your time, but think about it. It’s not so impressive a feat, when you’re puking in the corner. So again, let’s all thank YouTube and the creativity of its users.

Below, view the cinnamon challenge in action: