By Devon Delfino, Staff Writer

Beyoncé's fierceness seems to have backfired in these press photos/ PHOTO VIA

Beyoncé’s fierceness seems to have backfired in these press photos/ PHOTO VIA

According to an article on, Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Show world tour has banned all press photographers from the show and has provided a list of pre-approved images to be used for coverage instead.

I might be the only one— aside from the press photographers— but I am kind of disappointed with this decision.

Apparently this move has to do with some particularly unflattering photos published on from the Superbowl Half-time show; with the numerous less-than-flattering memes that resulted, it’s understandable that the press would get the cold shoulder.

It’s no secret that the star is insanely gorgeous, and with a culture obsessed with beauty, she’s done pretty well in branding her image. Needless to say, the meme incident was a P.R. nightmare, but the popularity of the photos only increased.

But why do we love these really unattractive memes? Maybe it’s because of the cult of the celebrity: we (well, some of us) are so obsessed with fame that we will do anything to feel closer to it. Maybe it’s because we are jealous of her. Maybe it’s just because photos like the ones on BuzzFeed are such a rarity in celebrity culture. There’s a reason that there is an entire career field dedicated to crafting celebrity’s public images; but there’s also a reason that things like BuzzFeed and TMZ still exist.

I like to think that it’s because they remind us that even the prettiest among us can look bad from time to time, it’s only human.

The ban won’t solve the problem, though, because of a little thing called the camera phone. Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in the involvement of amateur photographers who use their camera phones to capture anything from concerts to news. For better or worse, this trend shows no signs of stopping any time soon.