By Lindsey Cantey, Staff Writer

At least you have some idea of what prison might be like/PHOTO VIA Danielle Cantey

At least you have some idea of what prison might be like/PHOTO VIA Danielle Cantey

Thanks to business-review sites like Yelp, every decision we make as consumers can be well-researched. These days, we, as consumers rarely need to buy a new product, visit a new restaurant, or plan a vacation to a new place without becoming acquainted first with the level of quality it possesses.

This is where Yelp comes in. Anything remotely foreign, whether product or place, is typed into the search box. The results are cataloged and potential customers can view scores given and reviews written by past customers. Yelp can also tell you whether or not a place is open or closed, how far away the location of a place is in proximity to where the potential customer is, and is customized to a person’s specific location (i.e., Yelp in Boston, Yelp in San Francisco, etc.)

The peer-review model employed by Yelp works so well with influencing everyday purchase decisions. It is only logical it would be useful for other life experiences as well. Even life experiences such as prison. Yep, you read right. Yelp even has reviews for prisons. In an article by ABC, there are reviews on Yelp for prisons. Each review is composed of evaluations written by inmates, visitors and even lawyers.

Yelp prison reviews can be a useful and comical tool for those that have a choice. Through Yelp, one can virtually experience life in prison regardless of what side of the bars you may be on. Just like a restaurant or a salon.

So, in the event that you may be visiting a prison, I would highly suggest going to Yelp first. At least you get a sense of what you’re getting into. Sort of.