By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

If you went to Catholic school, this pattern will bring back memories/ PHOTO VIA

If you went to Catholic school, this pattern will bring back memories/ PHOTO VIA

A few months back, Buzzfeed produced an article titled “24 Signs You Went to Catholic School,” and being Buzzfeed, the article was naturally relatable and hilarious. Admittedly, though, there is some element of sadness with being able to relate to the signs. Some signs are normal (e.g., “4. You probably still write in cursive.”), but some hit a bit too close to home for comfort (e.g., “13. You only learned about one sexual orientation”).

For a good four years, I attended a Catholic school. In the Philippines, most schools are Catholic or align their views with the values of some version of Christianity. This is not limited to primary and secondary education, but universities as well. This might have something to do with the fact that Spain is mostly Catholic and the Spanish colonized the Philippines for a couple hundred years (read: about 400).

In all honesty, I didn’t enjoy Catholic school. I was there for middle school but not high school but middle school. Still, coming into a non-Catholic high school from Catholic school was a bit confusing. I definitely will say I missed some crucial moments of growth as a tween. Growth, that I personally feel, I would have gotten otherwise from a non-Catholic institution.

Whether or not a school emphasizes certain values or not, as long as one is learning to be more knowledgeable, I don’t think it necessarily matters what kind of institution one goes to. Socially, I don’t know if I can say the same thing since Catholic schools are definitely more rigid in comparison with social norms. But otherwise? Education is education.