By Brooke Jackson-Glidden, MUSE Editor

There’s a tiny foodie mecca hidden across the bay, a five- to ten-minute walk from South Station. Perhaps you’ve seen it on a visit to the ICA or the Atlantic Wharf. It’s a bizarre contrast between modern Los Angeles glass and classic Boston brick architecture: the waterside docks perfect for a quick dip of the toes, the restaurants for miles, indie gourmet groceries and Asian-fusion small plates.

Also known as the Innovative District, Fort Point has been exploding with new restaurants. In March alone, three different food vendors opened in the area, alongside half of Barbara Lynch’s tiny empire (Sportello, Menton and Drink). Here’s your quick guide to eating your way through Fort Point:

The Blue Dragon is a more than appropriate place to sit back and relax after a long day./PHOTO VIA Brooke Jackson-Glidden

Blue Dragon: Ming Tsai’s Asian Small Plates are a hit since opening earlier this year. His second restaurant, Tsai, keeps his atmosphere casual and fun, with tasty Asian twists on classic gastropub fare.

CHECK OUT: The escargot, dan dan noodles, shepard’s pie, and the Dragon burger

Tavern Road: This modern edition to “Restaurant Row” (Congress St., over the river) serves cool small(ish) plates late at night, with a very young atmosphere and innovative menu.

CHECK OUT: The moulard duck, grilled octopus, and the gnocchi

Sportello: Barbara Lynch’s take on a diner. This “Italian lunch counter” serves sandwiches and homemade pastas that will make your head spin.

CHECK OUT: The gnocchi, the spicy tomato soup, and the sweetbreads

Other than the Bee’s Knees, where else can you find so diverse a selection?/PHOTO VIA Brooke Jackson-Glidden

Bee’s Knees: This gourmet grocery opened last month, and we’re so glad. Bee’s Knees offers a wide variety of locally and internationally sourced cheese, produce, wine, and other food items that are sure to make any foodie smile.

CHECK OUT: The cheese selection, the café

Flour: Almost everyone knows and loves Joanne Chang’s popular indie bakery, but most of them didn’t know it was located in this tiny foodie paradise.

CHECK OUT: “Pop Tarts”, sandwiches, and sticky buns

COMING SOON: Row 34, Pastoral