By Danielle Focarile, Staff Writer

Large Avocados

I like you in any shape or form, Avocado./PHOTO VIA Flickr user Communications Mann

Dear Avocados,

Let me ask you a rhetorical question: why are you so delicious? I know I’ll never receive an answer from you, so let me tell you my theory. You are the perfect balance of creamy, fresh and bright. You are good on a sandwich, on salad or as a dip. You are as versatile as you are tasty. With you, I can make flavorful guacamole or a healthy and smooth pesto. Whether a Haas, Reed or Fuerte, your smooth green goodness makes any dish better.

It saddens me that your silky and rich flesh is only in-season during the spring (so I will have to stock up now). It makes no difference to me if you are from the East Coast (Florida) or the West Coast (California); any coast that has you is the best coast.

Are you a fruit or a vegetable? Does it really matter? Avocado and bacon, avocado and crab, avocado and corn are some of my favorite ways to eat you. Not only are you yummy and good for my health – as you are filled with Omega-3’s – but you also have magical effects to make hair shiny and face smooth.

So, even as the spring comes to an end and the warm temperatures of summer rolls in, just know that I am waiting to see you at Shaw’s next year.


An Avocado Enthusiast