By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

A measly $250,000 could go a long way./PHOTO VIA Flickr user hto2008

Do you happen to have $250,000 lying around? Forget about your ever-increasing student debt and spend it on a shirt completely made out of gold. That’s right, you could be walking around with the most expensive shirt if you’re willing to slap down a couple dollar bills. Who cares if it’s not even attractive? It’s a gold shirt. But hey if you don’t want to invest your gold into a flimsy piece of apparel, you’ve got other options too.

– Gold Pills: Not sure of the health benefits, but it’d be pretty darn flashy.

– Gold Playing Cards: What better way to intimidate your fellow poker players.

– Gold Motorcycle: Just imagine all the looks you’d get pulling into that roadside motorcycle bar.

– Gold Tools: You can’t repair said bike unless you have the matching tools.

– Gold Pencil: A logical choice for a college student.

So if you feel like spending a little cash, why not add some golden flair to your life?