By Alexandra Diantgikis, Staff Writer

Boston University is a sea of unique minds and personalities. You could meet a future brain surgeon, a published poet, a Grammy award-winning artist, a marine biologist or an elementary school teacher all in your first class here. Students come from all walks of life, calling different countries home, speaking different languages, practicing different creeds and being shaped by different experiences. All of these qualities move students through each day and inspire them in different ways, creating a diverse collection of students.
The students of EN202, a Creative Writing course, display just that in their final project, ‘Shouts and Confessions,’ a compilation of the class’s writing samples. The students said they were inspired by personal experiences when writing their stories. Many wrote about relationships with family members, traveling away from home, their own cultural identities and life experiences that impacted them on a distinct emotional level.
Other students chose to go the fictional route and develop stories from their imaginations. One student wrote about a soldier coming home from war, despite never having gone to war himself. Still, the story held a piece of his personality between the pages.
Though these personal stories were, at first, difficult to share with the class, students said it became easier with time and even enjoyable to learn about their fellow classmates through creative content.
The book offers a melting pot of narratives that truly depicts the diversity of the students in class as well as the diversity of students at BU. Everyone has their own story to tell and no two stories are alike.