By Christina Janansky

Suffering from a fresh breakup?

Fearsome of dying alone?

Worried you will replace your loneliness with dozens of cats?

Well, no need to fear— the new “girlfriend coat” is here.

The girlfriend coat— a new development by a team of students at the University of Tsukuba in Japan— won’t ever cheat on you or leave you!

According to a Discovery News article, you simply put the hooded toggle coat on and fasten its lime green nylon belt around your waist. The coat contains a mechanical device on the back of the waist that tightens the belt to simulate the feeling of a hug.

Interesting? Yes. Strange? Most definitely.

It gets even creepier: the jacket also has an audio component. The wearer of the girlfriend coat simply plugs in a set of headphones. When the coat “hugs” it also emits a female voice that says “I’m sorry! I’m late!”

In Japan, the girlfriend coat is actually called the “Riajyuu Coat,” which is Japanese slang for “someone who is pleased with their life outside the Internet.”

No— this is not a joke, though developers laughed at themselves at the creation, as seen in the video.

However, the girlfriend coat won’t hit the markets just yet. As of now, the girlfriend coat remains a concept device and is not for sale.

So hold onto your loneliness and find yourself a cuddle buddy until then.

 You can check it out in this YouTube video: