By Heather Hamacek, Staff Writer

What is one to expect from an event called Condom Couture?  Well, condoms for one, and fashion for another.  Boston University’s chapter of Face Aids, an organization that helps fight HIV/AIDs in Africa and advocates for safe sex held the university’s first Condom Couture last Thursday night.

The event worked to de-stigmatize condoms and safe sex culture as much as it worked to raise money for Face AIDS.

Dresses, skirts and a jacket made of condoms were strutted down the makeshift runway constructed in the Jacob Sleeper Auditorium while two drag queens, Liza Lott and Ms. Kris Knievil, provided crude-humored commentary and kept the audience involved and laughing.

The judges, including some professors from BU, gave advice to the crowd before the models walked.

“Don’t ever use a condom without lube,” said Sophie Godley, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences.

Alfredo Hernandez, another judge, said, “do not stop having sex, by yourselves or with some else. Don’t stop. Do it safely.”

Jeremy Meltzer, one of the co-founders of BU’s Face Aids chapter said condoms do not even faze him anymore.

“The condoms are fun,” he said as he washed the lubrication off one in his sink. “You can make many condom jokes.  12,000 condoms, I’m always safe.  Silly stuff like that.”

Meredith Hoobler, one of the designers and the winner of the fashion show said she has been walking around with condoms falling out of her bag since she got her first allotment of 600 condoms.

“I think it’s a really interesting conversation starter and topic,” said Hoober. “You never know, it tends to come out, something will just fall out of my bag. It tends to make life more interesting I guess during the day because people will be like ‘how’s the condom dress’ and others will do like six double takes.  So I think that’s fun.”

Condom Couture is planning to become an annual event. It is definitely one worth going to.