By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

Soon, Spotify might not be just for music/ SCREENSHOT OF SPOTIFY BY Hilary Ribons

Soon, Spotify might not be just for music. / SCREENSHOT via Spotify

I have to admit, Netflix and Hulu Plus are some of my most loyal friends sometimes, especially  on nights when I have no plans except to stay in. Spotify is cool too but only in the musical sense. I can’t quite imagine the privately owned commercial music streaming service crossing over into the video streaming realm. Well, Huffington Post has announced that there has indeed been talk of Spotify introducing streaming video to its service! (Pause for reaction).

The article essentially questions whether or not Spotify would be able to financially support streaming big name TV shows and films, and creating its own series (as Netflix recently did with it’s hit show House of Cards). Existing companies have the funding to offer many options. However, Spotify is currently not as established, and therefore might not be able to remain competitive with other, film-focused streaming services.

Another question to pose: how will Spotify market its new offerings?

By the time Spotify makes clear its video streaming service, and how to use it, it may be too financially burdened to continue offering it. Furthermore, with competition as fierce as it already is among video streaming services, I can’t seem to find a place for Spotify, at least in my mind (and heart!). For one thing, companies like Netflix are streaming a huge variety of shows and movies that seems to expand all the time. Unless Spotify can top what Amazon Instant Play and Hulu Plus already offer to their loyal followers, the company lacks what it takes to survive in terms of video streaming.
Nonetheless, deciding to expand to video seems like a smart move for Spotify as all of these companies are forced to find new ways to keep up with competitors. More competition in this stiff video streaming market is generally a good thing, so only time will tell if Spotify’s expansion pays off!