By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

If there was a statue that allowed me to pay homage to skinny jeans, I would gladly pay tribute. Skinny jeans are generally the most flattering form of denim to date. I, along with most of the female population, have more than four pairs in my closet. Skinny jeans are not just limited to females either. Males (sadly) can and do take part in this fashion innovation.

However, as of late, the problem that has arisen is that some skinny jeans are not skinny enough. They do not fit because some jeans sag and bulge and make for an unflattering look, because each body is different.

American Eagle has recently come out with ‘Skinny Skinny’, the most flattering, most fitting jeans one can possible find. I rushed to the store’s website, only to find, what is understated as disappointment when the jeans were no longer in stock.

‘Skinny Skinny’ is American Eagle’s newest, possibly skinniest jean. The jeans are limited edition.

More notably, the jeans are from a spray can. One sprays on the jean for varying thickness and length, and creates the most flattering look for oneself.

However, as of right now, the cans are temporarily unavailable. No doubt due to the cans being sold out as soon as they hit shelves. The spray can jean, is not only unisex, but comes in two colors: ‘indigo’ and ‘bright light’.

Just kidding.

According to an article by the New York Daily News, it is all a sad joke on us folks who really want skin-tight jeans. AE’s new product, the very versatile spray-can skinny jeans, is the brand’s humorous marketing attempt at selling form-fitting jeans that targets a wide range of people. Nay, everyone. It allows more people to be able to happily indulge in skinny jeans without worrying about them being unflattering or worse, not fitting, since they spray right on to your skin.

Unfortunately, the jest at the skinny jeans craze means these spray-can jeans cannot be worshipped like their less versatile predecessors. Sigh.

Get the skinny on the skinnies here: