By Heather Hamacek

New food trucks have recently opened in Boston/ PHOTO BY Elysha Bemis

New food trucks have recently opened in Boston/ PHOTO BY Elysha Bemis

Eight new food trucks will be debuting on the streets of Boston this spring with the new season’s circuit.  Mother Juice, Fugu Truck, Taco Party Truck and Sweet Tomatoes have all gone mobile. Boston University students have never had to many options for lunch or a quick snack in-between a busy class schedule.

Food trucks are revolutionizing fast food for an on-the-go city.  Healthier options have never been so readily available and many of the trucks express interest and intent to work with local producers.

Mother Juice hopes to bring a local juice culture to Boston, while utilizing locally grown produce. Fugu Truck plans on introducing Bostonians to their local producers through authentic Asian street food.  Taco Party Truck is exhibiting quality vegetarian tacos, while trying to stay environmentally friendly.  Meanwhile, Sweet Tomatoes Pizza is mobilizing their already popular restaurant.

With so many new dining options dotting the Boston streets, there is hardly a reason to go inside on nice spring days.

With trucks like Mother Juice, a liquidized farmer’s market is suddenly accessible, without the pain of figuring out how your expensive juicer works.

Fugu Truck takes you on that culinary vacation to try the succulent delicacies of Asia sold on the streets without leaving the brownstone lined streets of Bean Town.

Taco Party Truck lures you in with the promise of quality vegetarian tacos and then makes you feel even better about yourself because you know it’s all environmentally friendly.

And Sweet Tomatoes Pizza is providing the gourmet slice of pizza you have been fantasizing about all day.

Four other trucks will debut as well, Pasta Pot, Biryani Park, Jimmy’s Ice Cream, and Area Four. Taco Party Truck is scheduled to be in BU West every Monday for lunch and Sweet Tomatoes will at BU East for Saturday lunch as of April 1.