By Christina Janansky

The iDummy looks like your average garment dummy, but is capable of oh-so-much more./ PHOTO VIA

The iDummy looks like your average garment dummy, but is capable of oh-so-much more./ PHOTO VIA

It’s hard enough to flip through a Victoria’s Secret catalog or Calvin Klein ad without thinking: “How could society ever expect us to look like that?”

But the question becomes all too real when out shopping; you know—when you see the six-foot tall, size 00 mannequin in the window modeling ‘doll-sized’ clothing. (I mean, come on! who actually looks like that?)

Well according to a recent article by Science Daily, thanks to researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and their new invention, “iDummy,” we no longer have to compete with these plastic models.

With the simple click of a computer mouse, the iDummy—short for “intelligent dummy”—can match your body type by simultaneously changing its dimensions and size. So rather than being disappointed that that dress looked better on the mannequin than it did on you, now you can see what it’ll look like on your precise body type before hitting the dressing room.

The iDummy, which is controlled through a computer using a Graphic User Interface (GUI), is also compatible with Bluetooth technology. Developers told Science Daily that this technological combination makes the iDummy ideal for clothing design. The iDummy will help designers more accurately fit various body types prior to mass production.

The new mannequin will also aid in customized clothing design. Clients of designers will be able to enter their size dimensions and measurements on their computers and send them to the designers and companies.

Developers also foresee iDummy as an important educational device, in which aspiring fashion designers and students can fit different styles of clothing to a wide array of body types. The mannequin also automatically rotates 360 degrees, allowing designers to observe every angle of the clothing.

Seriously, what can’t this thing do?

While the iDummy won’t be found in your local department stores just yet, researchers expect their “breakthrough” technology to debut in the clothing industry sometime soon.