By Devon Delfino, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the Disney princesses: Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.

Well, they’re real. And they’ve gone hipster.

That’s right, all of your favorite royal songstresses are encouraging us to “be a hipster” by drinking Starbucks coffee, shopping at thrift stores (a.k.a Urban Outfitters), drinking Kombucha tea and buying vinyl records.

The princesses emphasize their “uniqueness” in the typical hipster fashion, and encourage others to “embrace your inner irony” and be an “individual.” The video features several pointers on how to become a hipster and leave the mainstream behind.

It features a sushi-loving Little Mermaid, plenty of princesses wearing oversized frames and Snow White bragging about talking to birds before the Twitter craze. Not to mention an organic bra and a subtle nod to the hipster-crazed bloggers on Tumblr.

The video has well over 3 million views on Youtube, and already has a few parody video’s imitating it. Its creators, the AVbyte brothers, post tri-weekly musical videos, including “Google is Your Friend,” “Slender Real Life!-The Musical,” and “Disney Princess Leia.”

Now you too can be “so unique that [you’re] all the same!” So sit back and relax to the sound of Disney beauties singing their little hipster hearts out.