By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Spring break is finally within our grasp and for many of us this means flying out this very Friday to some exotic destination (or at least away from here). The whole flying process has gotten increasingly complex and frustrating, especially within recent years, and the worst part of all? The security. From going through all those machines, remembering 3-1-1 rule, and trying to still get to your flight on time, none of it adds up to a pleasant experience. The only saving grace is that every once in a while, a fellow flyer decides to spice things up a bit and get creative with their carry-ons.

The airport security often confiscates many objects when they’re processing all the people and if you’re lucky it might happen to the person in front of you. Think of it as in-line entertainment. Personally, the only thing they’ve ever taken from me is some smuggled Nutella but there are enough stories to fill a book of more extravagant confiscations. Take for instance in occurrence in a U.K. airport. A 22-year-old attempted to bring with him, a 207 lb. bag filled with individually wrapped caterpillars. The first question you may want to ask is why, but he has a simple answer: they were for personal consumption. A completely natural reason, especially for such a large amount, and for all we know he was having some crazy caterpillar themed soiree. But this is all beside the point, the airport confiscated it and the sack-o-pillars is no more.

This 22-year-old is not alone is his bizarre luggage. From concealed weapons to dead snakes, the people of this world are not boring. One of my personal favorites is a man who attempted to bring two doves with him on the plane by concealing them in his pants. Brilliant. If this is not enough to sate your desire for the weirdest airport security encounters, below is a wonderful graphic that highlights the best of the best. So even if you happen to be stuck in line filled with boring people and perfectly normal luggage, entertain yourself with these tales of fancy.

Weird Things Found in Airport Security