By Samantha Wong, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift is often recognized for:

1. Her honest-yet-bordering-psychotic lyrics (see: Better Than Revenge, Mine, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, etc.).

2. Her serial dating.

3. Her versatility.

She began her singing career as a country singer with her freshman and sophomore albums. Her later albums departed from country to pop, where Swift reigns steadily as a chart topper. Taylor Swift’s latest pop album Red features the song, I Knew You Were Trouble. Swift passionately recounts the heartbreak and loss resulting from an apparently troublesome fling. From hope to heartbreak, Swift’s versatility knows no bounds.

Even when her song features a goat.

YouTube artists have decided to put their unique spin on the single. Instead of the standard, dramatic guitar strumming that accompanies a Taylor Swift chorus, the listener hears a goat crying, emblematic of Swift’s grief. The original I Knew You Were Trouble chorus may have angry dubstep-reminiscent qualities, but this goat seems to better communicate Swift’s feelings of hurt.

Taylor Swift and this bleating goat are a YouTube sensation. The number of people who have given the video thumbs up far supercedes the number who gave the video a thumbs down.

And why not? Come on, it’s the lyrical talents of T-Swift and a goat.