By T.G. Lay, Managing Editor

With filming for Anchorman: The Legend Continues reportedly beginning next month, it only seemed fitting that a news team as successful, attractive and fun-loving as Ron Burgundy’s band of misfits pay homage to the venerable News Team 4.

As I met with the members of our editorial staff one Sunday, I realized some striking resemblances to San Diego’s number one news team. Naturally, we decided to snag a few frames from the film and emulate the characters to the best of our ability.

So, there was only one thing we could do … BUY NEW SUITS!

Well not really. We already had suits for the most part, but who doesn’t love to dress up? Needless to say, we look damn good and damn similar to News Team 4.

Sure, certain nuances are missing, such as the impeccable facial hair and the color coordination, but we did pretty well for a budget of $0. Check out the results in the juxtapositions below.


Strikingly similar?
Left to Right: Gregory Davis as Brian Fantana, Jasper Craven as Champ Kind, Emily Overholt as Veronica Corningstone, Chris Lisinski as Brick Tamland, T.G. Lay as Ron Burgundy.

anchor freep.jpg

You stay classy, Boston University.