By Christina Janansky

There have been some strange smelling inventions of the 21st century.

Burger King’s “Flame,” a charred beef-scented perfume.

The vomit- and fart-scented scratch-and-sniff stickers.

The “Leather Jacket” Crayola scented crayon.

But this one might take the cake: a space-scented candle.

ThinkGeek—a toy company and the mastermind behind the new invention—worked with NASA to create the most realistically spacey scent possible, according to an article on

You might be wondering what space even smells like. Given it doesn’t have much of an atmosphere, you’d think it have no smell at all.

Well apparently space has a distinct—and somewhat unpleasant—smell to it.

Some astronauts described the smell of space as an “acrid” aroma thought to be the result of “atomic oxygen adhering to their spacesuits,” according to the article in SPACE.

So if you enjoy the smell of gunpowder or an “ozone like” odor—two scents astronauts have commonly associated with space—then you’d really enjoy the original prototype of the candle.

However, most people don’t—not such a huge surprise. Taking this into consideration, the candle’s creators threw a hint of lavender into the mix to make the product more marketable.

Although space travel for the average—yet incredibly wealthy—person is on the horizon, chances are you won’t make it to Mars, Jupiter or the Moon.

But thanks to ThinkGeek, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom to enjoy the smells of space.

The cosmic “Space” candle is part of a four-pack candle set, including a Nirvana-inspired “Teen Spirit,” a cinnamon scented “Retro Arcade” and a Lord of the Rings inspired “Middle Earth” scent.

Ever just stop and wonder: “What does space smell like?” Well, now you can experience it with the new space-scented candle from ThinkGeek/ PHOTO VIA Flickr user Sweetie187