By Amira Francis, Staff Writer

I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest dance move gone viral, ‘The Harlem Shake.’ But what’s equally as entertaining as watching thousands of people making dancing fools of themselves on the Internet? Watching Harlem’s reaction to the dance.

Five minutes of pure gold ensue as Harlem residents pick apart all of the wannabe-Harlem shakers. And c’mon… aren’t we all kind of wannabe Harlem-shakers? Even if you haven’t attempted the dance, I’m sure you’ve spent time laughing at all of the remakes.

But back to the reaction video. First of all, their faces give away their distaste for the imitation dance. You don’t even have to listen to what they’re saying. The first screenshot of the guy with the absolutely puzzled face sums up the video perfectly. These residents? They are shocked. Horrified. Disgusted.

Oh, and then there are the consistently annoyed comments:

“Find a new hobby,” said one viewer.

“Stop your bullsh*t,” said another.

Though the video starts with disbelief, it ends in genuine loathing from the residents of Harlem.

They hate us.

And may I say, with good reason. How would Boston residents react if a silly-stupid ‘Boston Shake’ emerged nationwide?

And then the residents describe what this version of the Shake looks like in these homemade videos.

“That’s not the harlem shake at all, that’s humping,” said one alarmed resident.

“No good,” decided another.

One man said it looked like “Zombies going crazy.”

Sooo…do you feel ashamed yet? All I know is: if you’re one of those famous dancers in the ‘Harlem Shake’ YouTube video, you should consider taking the advice of Harlemites and “Stop that sh*t.”

Check out Harlem’s reaction here: