By Christina Janansky


Polytron's "invisible" phone prototype/PHOTO VIA

Polytron’s “invisible” phone prototype/PHOTO VIA

How long did you wait to pick up your brand new iPhone5?

And how soon did you misplace the seemingly weightless smartphone for the first time?

Well, for all of you technology fanatics out there, there’s good news.

(And for those of you who lose your phone every five minutes, there’s some bad news).

Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies just demoed an “invisible” smartphone prototype made entirely out of a special type of glass, according to a Feb. 6 report.

So if you’ve broken your already-fragile iPhone, you might want to ignore this.

While the new prototype is still undergoing development, executives of Polytron told The Times of India that the new transparent phone will hit markets by the end of the 2013. Until then, manufacturers are seeking hardware components for the phone and for a compatible operating system.

The prototype uses a type of patented wiring and opaque glass that becomes transparent when an electrical charge is applied. According to Mobile Geeks, Polytron’s Polyvision Smart Glass technology contains liquid crystal molecules that are randomly oriented when the phone is turned off. This makes the body an opaque white. When turned on, these liquid crystals line up, making the glass magically appear clear.

Although not included in the current prototype, the new smartphone will have a camera, speaker, microphone, battery and microSD card, all of which will be nearly transparent.

However according to the online UK tech publication The Register, Polytron isn’t the only company exploring the possibility of a transparent smartphone.

Apparently Japanese-based companies like NTT Docomo and Fujitsu displayed a similar Android-based prototype with a double-sided touch-screen capability.

So while Harry Potter’s invisible cloak and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s invisible boat-mobile are far from reality, an “invisible” phone may be in your hands before you know it.