By Alexandra Diantgikis


 Suno, BU's Indian acapella fusion group performs at Nourish International's "Cultural Jam: Benefit Show" on February 1/PHOTO BY Michelle Jay

Suno, BU’s Indian acapella fusion group performs at Nourish International’s “Cultural Jam: Benefit Show” on Feb. 1/PHOTO BY Michelle Jay

The truly brilliant thing about the Boston University chapter of Nourish International is that they are active. They are not merely trying to raise awareness for a cause or trying to gain recognition for their good deeds, but they are actively trying to make a change in the world. Nourish aims to raise enough money to go to the Dominican Republic to improve the education system there. They want to make a difference that will make the world a little bit better.

It is easy to share a link to a cause on Facebook or retweet an activist’s story on Twitter. That’s all well and good. It makes you feel like you’ve done some good, but in truth, that is pseudo-activism. It’s a simple gilded action that seems like it’s more than it is.

Remember Kony 2012? Everyone got really amped about that. Every other online post was about Kony: how he was an awful man, a terrible tyrant, how he had to be stopped and that no one would rest until he was in prison. But ultimately, no one really ever seemed to actually do anything about it. (And in the end most stories were in some way incorrect. Anyway…)

The point of the matter is: we can’t keep thinking pushing buttons on a keyboard will change anything. We need to get motivated – to act. If we see an injustice in the world, we have to do something to make it right, because if we let it go by, then so will others and we’re all guilty for it.

The beauty of being a student is that we have the ability to go out into the world and make a difference. And if we can all get active and share what we have, there might be less hardship and hate in the world.