By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

Barnes & Noble eReader Software Coming to iPad

Barnes & Noble plans to close one-third of its stores/PHOTO VIA flickr-user John Federico

Embroiled in the uphill battle against today’s Digital Age, book retailer Barnes & Noble Inc. is set to close up to one-third of its stores over the next 10 years, according the Wall Street Journal. With a few exceptions, most of us live within 15 miles of a Barnes & Noble. As someone who lives literally five minutes away from the closest branch, I try to picture what life would be like without it there and instantly feel lost. Barnes & Noble has been such a convenient and pleasant place to study, meet up with friends, grab a coffee, kill time and of course, buy books! Aside from the regular retail stores are the college stores that I’m sure have come to the rescue on multiple occasions.

Barnes & Noble has halted store openings and will increase closings mainly due to consumers’ new preference to digital books (WSJ).

But what about the Nook? Isn’t that helping the retailer?

Well, despite the seemingly smart move of releasing its own e-reader, Barnes & Noble has been in a race with fierce competitors Inc. and Apple Inc., who are respectively intensifying the competition with the newest version of the Kindle and the iPad.

If the upcoming wave of Barnes & Noble store closures is any indication of the future of print, then it’s not looking good. Nevertheless, the book retailer still remains “comfortably profitable,” according to the Wall Street Journal. And furthermore, there are still many people out there who still love their hard copy of a novel and are not looking to change over any time soon.