By Nolan Young, Staff Writer

GOOD morning. @Union is a great place for breakfast. PHOTO VIA

GOOD morning! @Union is a great place for breakfast, and a cup o’ joe/PHOTO VIA

Located along the bustling streets of Allston, @Union is a restaurant as tasty as it is unique.
With its murals, stainless-steel appliances, fresh coffee and delicious food, @Union’s environment is as aesthetically pleasing as the food is appetizing. The menu is diverse, offering a wide array of options for breakfast and lunch that range from creamy scrambled eggs to succulent burgers. The atmosphere is youthful and lively. Music plays overhead, usually to the tune of Mumford and Sons on Pandora. Most notably, the vibrant interior mirrors the eclectic Allston community it serves.
Let’s get back to food though. Two words: eggs benedict. Always perfectly poached, the eggs mix delightfully with the delicious Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce, and English muffin. The side of home fries is a worthy compliment, the onions and garlic abundant. All for around $10, the dish is easy on the wallet as well. A bit more pricy ($12), the lobster benedict is a great choice for the seafood fan looking for a treat. The lusciousness of the lobster is a sure-fire way to relieve any Sunday morning funk.
In a world filled with Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s always a treat to find a more personalized cup of joe – and as you walk into @Union, the sweet, intoxicating aroma of home-brewed coffee immediately greets you. @Union takes pride in its coffee, brewing their very own dark and medium roast blends in addition to a home brew that is always fresh and adds to the restaurant’s humble, neighborhood character.
It doesn’t stop at coffee though; the restaurant also serves up a large selection of different lattes, cappuccinos, and other caffeine packed drinks that are perfect for jump-starting your day.
And if you’re not a coffee person? The drink menu includes fresh fruit smoothies, juices, Italian sodas, teas and a particularly good hot chocolate.
Although the food is sensational, what makes @Union special is the ambiance. The restaurant is routinely filled with students, Allston residents and a young, enthusiastic wait staff (although service can be a little slow when the restaurant is busy).
What’s more, the crowds mix about in front of a distinctive backdrop: beautiful murals by local artist Taylor M’Leigh that catch your eye as soon as you enter. The artwork’s strong character makes @Union’s atmosphere extremely unique; the murals are as essential to the restaurant as the food and coffee.
@Union does a tremendous job of being an active part of the Allston community. Dozens of local businesses advertise in the restaurant, leaving their business cards and flyers by the exit. Local bands, event holders and venues post there as well. In an attempt to broaden its horizons, @Union has also begun to host live musicians and cater to events and parties. And by offering free Wi-Fi, breakfast all day and Facebook raffles to win free food, the restaurant is clearly in touch with the young, student-oriented neighborhood around it.
It would be hard to find an establishment that embodies its community more than @Union. With its great food, attentive wait staff, and keen ability to produce a vivacious, dynamic atmosphere, @Union is definitely a ‘must visit’ when in Allston.