The Justin you remember from middle school/ PHOTO VIA

The Justin you remember from your elementary school years/ PHOTO VIA

By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Justin Timberlake recently released a single called “Suit and Tie”  featuring Jay-Z, and it’s kinda turning out to be a big deal. Rolling Stone magazine stated that it after the high was projected to be his best week in song sales ever, which is saying a lot considering Timberlake’s previous success. The whole album, The 20/20 Experience, won’t be released until March 19, but until then, let’s all gather around our dormitory heaters and reminisce about the highlights of J.T.’s memorable existence.

He got started on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”, but who really cares about pre-eye candy JT? It all really started in the age of the boy bands, where as a member of N*Sync  he  charmed his way into every girl’s heart with his bleached hair and ultimate swag.

  • While Justin was in N*Sync, they released a couple pretty big hits, likely to have been played at a couple of your school dances. There were the classics like, “Tearing up my Heart” and “Girlfriend,” but nothing can compare to the glory that is “Bye Bye Bye.” That song marks a generation.
  • He also dappled a bit in acting and his first film happened to be a little Disney channel number called Model Behavior. A poetic tale of two girls switching places, and wouldn’t you know it? JT plays a love interest.
  • Then there was the first solo experience: Justified. His debut CD was released in 2002 and was released at the number two spot on the Billboard charts. It also leads to yet another monument in JT history, the single “Cry Me a River.”
  • The whole JT and Britney thing was actually a highlight in itself.  What romance of the early 2000’s could’ve been more perfect? Two of the top pop culture icons merging into one glorious couple, brings tears to my eyes still.
  • Later in the decade brought more acting to Justin, but more importantly his most famous contribution yet. Future Sex/Love Sounds.  Is it even necessary to explain this? No.

Now as we journey closer to the present things die down. Justin seemed to go on a musical hiatus as he acted in some more movies (all rather hit or miss) and well you know, got married. But man, is it good to have him back where he belongs. Let us all gather and celebrate a man we all grow up with and say to the world:

“If you wanna fly, Come and take a ride, Take a space ride with a cowboy, baby.”