By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

Lizzie Jagger models Wrangler Day Spa jeans/ PHOTO VIA

For a while now, denim has come in array of forms, from acid wash to boyfriend style. Pretty soon, there will be yet another addition to the jean family: moisturizing jeans! According to UK Vogue,  American jean manufacturer Wrangler, will be releasing the moisturizing Denim Spa line in three feature finishes – Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs. So what is the line’s claim to fame? Reducing cellulite, of course. It’s a nice alternative to products such as Bliss’ overpriced FatGirlSlim cream, going for $36 a container. At that rate, why not attempt to rid that cottage cheese look on the backs of your legs by buying a $130 pair of Wrangler Denim Spa jeans?

All kidding aside, regular denim allegedly has a way of drying out your legs. This where the moisturizing element comes in handy! Apparently the oils and butters loaded into the finishes offset the dehydration your legs would feel from regular denim. And it’s– wait for it–Lizzie Jagger (yes, that Jagger), who models the creation.

Starting on Jan. 28, you can snag your very own pair on ASOS. Don’t forget what British Vogue calls the “reload spray,” which will apparently allow the jeans to moisturize for another 67 to 95 wears.

Unless these jeans turn out to be a huge success or just happen to be free, I don’t think I will be lining up to purchase a pair anytime soon. Does this innovation remind you at all of those Aloe socks that are sold essentially everywhere now? To me, all I can picture is slimy feeling on my legs that lasts the entire day. Also, how on earth do you wash these jeans? Can you wash them? Moreover, why not skip the $130 on the jeans and buy just the reload spray, which we can then use in all of our clothing?

Nevertheless, I propose we wait and see. Who knows? Maybe it will be among the top trends that surface in a few weeks at New York Fashion Week? If British Vogue is giving the line attention and Mick Jagger’s daughter is promoting them, it must mean something then, right? Conversely, its future could come to an infomercial with a stigma like that of pajama jeans, or worse.

Sadness and confusion over a pair of indecisive pants/ PHOTO VIA

Sadness and confusion over a pair of indecisive pants/ PHOTO VIA