By By Olivia DeFrances, Staff Writer

This year on Feb. 10, the 55th Grammy Awards will take place, featuring some of some of the best music of the year as well as live performances. But there’s been a twist this year: Through Facebook, fans also have the ability to nominate their favorite local bands for the chance to win a performance in L.A. during Grammy Live weekend. The finalists from each region of the U.S. have been chosen, and by Thursday we will know which local band or musician will have the breakthrough of a lifetime and will be able to perform during Grammy Live Weekend.

The finalists are as follows: for the Mid-Atlantic Region, a rock ensemble called Nasty Habit; for the Midwest, a mellow two man band called Alabama Capital; from the South Atlantic, outstanding vocalist Doria Roberts; from the Mountain region, Royal Bliss, a feel-good rock band; from the South, Within Reason, a rock band reminiscent of Hinder; and from right here in New England, an indie alternative rock band called Echo and Drake. Even if you’d never heard of these bands, as I hadn’t, they’re all worth checking out. I was impressed by the wide range of unique talent, and I’ll definitely be adding some of them to my playlist.

If you can decide on a favorite or are already a fan of one of the bands, you can vote on Facebook.  But there’s only two days left – visit THE GRAMMYs Gig of a Lifetime page on Facebook to vote. May the best band win! Tune in to the Grammy Awards to see their performance.

A live performance by the New England finalist, Echo and Drake.