By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

Jan. 21 2013 marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The holiday is known nationally as a day set aside to honor MLK’s contributions to history. Amongst BU students, it’s also recognized as a tip-of-the-hat to one of BU’s most notable alumni. And a three day weekend.

Without his significant role in the civil rights movement, the United States would be totally different. No progression, no equality, no unity. Iconic American figures such as Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson would not have been able to pursue their respective dreams in a close-minded American society. King strived to open the world’s eyes to its multicultural demographics and stressed embracing diversity.

But what does Martin Luther King Day mean to today’s students at his alma mater?

To me, it means a lot. His persistent activism has enabled me to obtain an education in culturally diverse environments. I am fortunate enough to attend a school that promotes and thrives off its diverse student population.

The city of Boston and the BU community are proud to have nurtured one of the most amazing philanthropic pioneers in American history. Martin Luther King Jr., we salute you!