Make your resolution a revolution/ IMAGE VIA

Make your resolution a revolution/ IMAGE VIA

By Sanah Faroke, Staff Writer

In the middle of December, I already began to think of all the things I wanted to accomplish the following year. (Yes it was finals week, but my mind has to wander off sometime!)

I know so many people that don’t believe in New Years resolutions because they either didn’t drop those 15 pounds gained from the holidays (hop on a treadmill) or they didn’t gain that amazing job they wanted (there are plenty more jobs in that field), but last year, I created a list of my own for the first time and I accomplished so much.

So a couple of things I wanted to accomplish for 2013 are to get an internship, be more social, focus more on school, read my Bible more, and (embarrassingly enough) think less about guys and more about me.

At the end of the list is when I realized that, yes, these are beautiful goals that I want to accomplish, but in actuality, that isn’t what I truly want for this year.

Do better in school.

Gain more friends.

Be better in my field.

I came to see that I was basing my happiness off of whether or not these things occurred. So I scratched off my list (I know, I still use a pen and paper—so old school) and I wrote instead, “Be happy.”

Sounds simple right? But how many times a day do we all do things that we absolutely hate? And what the heck for? We put ourselves through this suffering to gain something far greater, but sometimes, even that is not enough to compensate for all the heartache we endured prior.

I promise, this is a huge goal for me.  I want to be able to see life through different, positive lenses and do things that I know will make me genuinely happy regardless of what people think, how much money I will make, or for fear that I will fail at it.

I put myself on a reserve because I fear I will fail and x, y and z, and that’s just the thing–I am the one creating my discontent. I am the one who causes my own unhappiness, and I didn’t even realize it. Maybe you’re doing the same to yourself. Listen—you need to stop!

My New Years resolution has become to make myself happy. Why can’t I be in authentic bliss because of just me focusing on me? I can do it, and so can you.

2013 no longer has the connotation of creating resolutions, it has become my revolution.