By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

Hundreds of movies have been made to celebrate the holidays. Many are timeless classics that are intended to teach young children great lessons on the true meaning of Christmas. Whether a movie focuses on generosity, selflessness or the importance of family, it highlights the best of human nature. But then there is another set of lessons taught from these movies that are often neglected: the literal lessons. These are the lessons that no one ever considers because they are so obvious.

The Santa Clause: This movie contains many lessons that concern the business aspects of life. For one thing, it’s never a good idea to put on someone else’s clothes. It will most likely lead to vigorous weight gain and a new home completely isolated by mountains of snow.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Now, if you didn’t realize this before, this movie teaches you that one should never trust and try to befriend a giant, green hairy man because nothing good will come from it. In fact, he’ll probably steal your favorite holiday… which kind of sucks.


Rudolph: Don’t judge others based on their appearances, especially if they happen to have a very bright nose. More often than not, that person you picked on will become some big hot shot and while they get a whole song dedicated to them, you become the generalized enemy.


Frosty the Snowman: Whenever you see a snowman, talk to it. That day could be that snowman’s last and just like anyone else they probably want some company. So feel free to sing with it, throw a broom at it, and you know, just treat it like your best friend. It’s completely legit. And not weird at all.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: If you’re feeling bored and want to shake things up a bit, try not to rob someone of his or her stuff. Even if it’s a really flashy holiday that is as tempting as Las Vegas. The general populace isn’t going to respond well to change, and it’ll only get worse once they see that you’re a skeleton giving out killer toys.


These lessons should be taken seriously and kept close to your heart, because they are as vital to to a happy life as knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree. Or you know, pretty close to that vital.