By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

British TV

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Let’s be honest. We all have our favorite British television show, whether we care to admit it. Why do we fall head over heels for these shows over our own American reality television shows? Is it the creative plot lines, or is it their brilliant British slang? Blimey! You would have to be a wanker not to love British TV. Whether its “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock,” “Misfits,” “Peep Show,” the list of our favorite British shows go on and on. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) always gives us a reason to watch.

However, our love of Great Britain spans far beyond TV. Take into account the famous “Harry Potter” series, written by British novelist J.K. Rowling. As you probably already know from BBC’s Twitter feed, the world of British television is colliding with popular British novels, courtesy of BBC’s decision to adapt Rowling’s newest novel ‘The Casual Vacancy” as a television series. Set to debut in 2014, the show is sure to join our list of British television favorites. Despite some poor literary critics’ reviews, possibly holding a grudge against Britain for their tyrannical history, the novel still ranks high on the New York Times best-seller list. Rowling will be working closely with the BBC network to make sure her literary vision is successfully translated to the television screen.

Keep your eyes on the telly for the premiere showing of “The Casual Vacancy.” I’d be gobsmacked if the show were anything short of bloody addicting.

Confused by some of my language? If you ever find yourself in Britain, this online dictionary of British slang might be useful. And if not, you can always talk like a Brit for fun!

The Casual Vacancy

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