By Hilary Ribons, Staff Writer

It’s official: the moment everyone who follows British royalty has been waiting for since Prince William proposed has arrived.

kate middleton pregnant

Yeah, I’m pretty sure a lot of us share this sentiment / IMAGE VIA Storify and Twitter user @Snoopaii

Kate Middleton is pregnant.

Every news outlet in the country has released their own take on the news, which apparently was announced when she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness.

Notwithstanding that hospitalization for one of the fundamental side effects of early pregnancy is a bit ridiculous, the American public’s obsession with the royal spawn is nothing short of strange.

Kate Middleton pregnant

Is it, though? / IMAGE VIA Storify and Twitter user @piersmorgan

However, it’s not entirely unexpected. The media coverage from the royal couple’s wedding practically consumed every channel, gossip rag and publication in the country.

Perhaps our obsession with the royal couple comes from the fact that they are young, fashionable (relatively) and attractive embodiments of a modern fairytale.

Regardless, reactions about the pregnancy have overtaken the web. Everything from speculations on baby names to celebrity shout-outs to users wishing to be the baby have been spotted.

Kate Middleton pregnant

Creepy… / IMAGE VIA Storify and Twitter user @PrincessProbz

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